Since the time of the American Revolution the citizens of Alexandria have celebrated the birth of George Washington. Help keep the Celebration ALIVE by donating to the George Washington Birthday Celebration.

There are several ways to donate right now in any amount:

Mail a Check or Money Order payable to the George Washington Birthday Celebration Committee (or "GWBCC") to: 809 Oronoco Street, Alexandria, VA 22314;

Pay by credit card via Txt2Give:

CLICK HERE to login via text to a mobile device or a phone call to a land line and then complete an online form;

Or text Give to (703) 215-2191 and complete the entire transaction on your mobile device.


Why Donate?

From the time of the Revolutionary War, the people of this City have celebrated the birthday of George Washington.  Whether through marching in parades, reenacting historic events, musical performances, or dancing at the birthnight balls, our citizens consider an annual remembrance of the Father of Our Country to be important and worthwhile.

The George Washington Birthday Celebration contributes to the reputation of Alexandria as an important historic city. It provides focus for our 18th-century museums and distinguishes us from other colonial-era communities across the country.  Our close association with George Washington and the founding fathers gives us a unique story to share that provides many educational and commercial benefits to our community.

From the bicentennial in 1976 until 2010, the City of Alexandria has provided most of the financial support for the annual Celebration. But with the increasing demands on its resources, the City began to reduce its support for the Celebration; and it is evident that the remaining financial support could decrease significantly in the years to come.

In order to assure continuation of the celebration, we need to strengthen our support in the community. Please consider being a sponsor or making a donation. If you have questions or need assistance feel free to contact me via jshumard@washingtonbirthday.net or 703-408-4483 (voice/text).


Joseph S. Shumard, Chair
George Washington Birthday Celebration
Alexandria, Virginia


Notes About the Donation System:

We use Txt2Give to collect donations and Stripe (https://stripe.com/press) as our payment gateway. The payment gateway is what encrypts, and protects, the donor's payment information as it is sent from the donor's phone to the payment processor. For security, PCI-Compliance standards require a payment gateway because it is prohibited to transmit sensitive donor information without it.

There is no dollar amount cap with Txt2Give.  The only cap is the limit on the donor’s debit or credit card. In contrast to carrier-collected donations, donations made through our platform are charged to the donor’s debit or credit card.  Not the phone bill.

Txt2Give has created a login experience called Off-Screen Authentication. If you’re familiar with 2-factor authentication using text messaging, it’s similar, but with a twist:

With the Off-Screen Authentication process, instead of submitting a username and password to log in, donors enter only their mobile number. On the next screen, they’re presented with a temporary, random 4-digit number called a Secure Login PIN. Simultaneously, they are sent a text message to their mobile device asking them to verify the Secure Login PIN they see on their screen. Once they reply to the text verification message using the correct PIN, their browser automatically logs them in.

The advantages to this login process are that there is no new password to keep track of. A new Secure Login PIN is generated each time the user logs in, so there is no static password to be stolen or compromised. A second, separate element (their mobile device) is needed to authenticate the user, which increases the likelihood that the authenticated person is indeed the authorized user of the account, not just someone who knows their password

Please let us know if you have a bad experience with our donation system, have questions, or need assistance. We may be reached at gwbcc@washingtonbirthday.net or via voice or text at 703-408-4483.