Interested in Kids’ Books on Gen. Washington?

The books are best for children and are kindly provided for review by Hooray for Books, 1555 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

  • A Picture Book of George Washington by David Adler et al.  An accurate account highlighting some major events of our hero’s life, it has handsome colorful illustrations.

  • George Washington by Caroline Crosson Gilpin. (National Geographic Kids Level 2)  Despite some inaccuracies - such as the British just got tired of fighting and gave up - this book is beautifully laid out with high quality colorful illustrations that draw and keep the reader’s attention.

  • I am George Washington by Brad Meltzer.  Nicely illustrated, the narrative includes humor.

  • My Little Golden Book About George Washington. By Lou Hauren.  A well illustrated and charming book that emphasizes the most important events in his life.  (Ages 2-6)

  • The Crossing – How George Washington Saved the American Revolution by Jim Murphy. (Scholastic)  Excellent account of George Washington’s role, including high and low points.  Includes illustrations, a timeline (1754-88),lists of Revolutionary War sites in NY, NJ and PA, notes, sources and index.

  • The President and Me by Deborah Kalb.  Blends the life of a fictional 21st century 10 year old boy with the life of George Washington told in the persona of a magic tricorn hat purchased at the Mount Vernon Gift Shop.  This charming and informative tale imparts lessons on several levels. (Ages 8-12)

  • Who was George Washington by Roberta Edwards.  Despite having questionable assertions such as most soldiers joined the patriot cause because they needed the money (Fact:  they weren’t paid for long periods but remained in the army) and Washington did not realize he had won the war after our victory at Yorktown (Fact:  he knew the patriots had won), the book also includes some riveting information along with excellent illustrations, maps, diagrams and a timeline of important events in Washington’s life.  (Ages 8-12)