Thank you for a Great Parade!

The Quantico Marine Corp Band entertaining the crowd before the #GWParade begins.

The Quantico Marine Corp Band entertaining the crowd before the #GWParade begins.

This is a big -- no HUGE -- thank you to everyone who made happen the 2019 George Washington Birthday Parade on Monday, February 18. We have been doing the Parade for a long time, but every year is a new adventure. We lost a few big units just before kick off, gained some more new marshals when we needed them badly, ran a very successful experiment with dignitary vehicles, and welcomed back some units from long ago. Best of all, with all the rain on one side and snow coming to the other side, we really dodged a bullet and had very nice weather (we can't make any mistakes when we have good weather!). There are so many people to thank that I can't do it all at once.

New successes: the "Hunt for Washington" treasure hunt (more than 100 participants!), the Caribbean Cruisers Car Club who stepped up with their beautiful cars and carried most of the dignitaries in the Parade, and brand new caterers for the post-Parade reception (Randy Peaches and Marilyn Patterson). Sad goodbyes: to Tracy Foust who has been doing our sound since the eighties (headed for New Orleans). Special honorable mentions to the Quantico Marine Band (awesome!) and Ourisman Dodge & Alexandria Toyota dealerships for loaning us some very special parade vehicles.

I hope to see everyone next year: February 17, 2020; register parade units and volunteer after Labor Day! Mark your calendars now!!

Please follow up and keep in touch (send us ideas, compliments, suggestions) and visit us (all our meetings are open to the public) third Monday of the month at the GW Memorial, but check the City Calendar to make sure.

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Joe Shumard

GWBCC Co-Chair